Guidelines for Speakers

Guidelines for Speakers

  • Contributed papers are allocated 20 minutes for the presentation, including 3-5 minutes for questions.
  • The same speaker cannot present more than two papers.
  • Only presentations in Powerpoint or PDF electronic format will be allowed.
  • Please use only standard fonts available in Microsoft Windows in English.
  • The facilities in the lecture halls will be optimized for electronic presentations and each room will be equipped with a beamer and a terminal (PC) to run the presentations.
  • The use of private laptops for the presentation will not be allowed.
  • Transparencies and slides cannot be used.
  • To maximize the impact of your paper, please observe the following guidelines.

Page Preparation

  1. Use horizontal (landscape) format.
  2. Avoid too much information on a page. Do not use thin lines or small fonts (use font sizes 24 pt).
  3. Use a white background with black or dark colors for the figures and text.
  4. Prepare a title page for your talk.
  5. If a page is used more than once in a presentation, make a duplicate copy.


  1. Begin your talk with an outline of the presentation, including an introduction and conclusion. Put this outline on a slide.
  2. Make clear which part of your talk you are now presenting.
  3. Focus on the most important parts of your work. Emphasize what is new and how it compares with previous work.
  4. The information in each page should be recognizable by the audience in a few seconds.
  5. Don't make too many pages: 15 pages are close to optimum for the 20 minutes allowed.


  1. Deliver your presentation as soon as you arrive at the Conference.
  2. Meet the session chairman in the designated lecture hall 20 minutes before the beginning of the first talk in your session.
  3. Ensure that your session chairman has a copy of your biography.