Technical Program

Technical Program

April, 26th, 2016

Continuous-Time ΣΔ Modulators for Transceivers
Chairman: Kofi Makinwa (TU Delft)

  • P. Torta (Intel, Austria), A. Di Giandomenico, L. Dörrer, J. L. Ceballos, “WiFi Receiver Evolution in a Dense Blocker Environment
  • L. Breems (NXP Semiconductors, The Netherlands), M. Bolatkale, “High-Resolution Wideband CT ΔΣ Modulators
  • M. Ortmanns (University of Ulm, Germany), R. Ritter, J. Chi, “ΣΔ ADCs with Improved Interferer Robustness
  • S. Pavan (IIT Madras, India), R. Rajan, “Design Considerations for Filtering ΔΣ Converters
  • S. Loeda (Broadcom Limited, Australia), “Blocker and Clock-Jitter Performance in CT ΔΣ ADCs for Consumer Radio Receivers
  • H. Shibata (Analog Devices, Canada), Y. Dong, W. Yang, R. Schreier, “CT MASH Architectures for Wideband ΔΣ Modulators

April, 27th, 2016

Automotive Electronics
Chairman: Andrea Baschirotto (University of Milano-Bicocca)

  • H. Casier (Consultant, Belgium), “Trends and Characteristics of Automotive Electronics
  • A. Kucher (Infineon, Austria), A. Graf, “Next Generation of Semiconductors for Advanced Power Distribution in Automotive Applications
  • B. Wicht (Reutlingen University, Germany), J. Wittmann, A. Seidel, A. Schindler, “High-Voltage Fast-Switching Gate Drivers
  • C. Burgio, M. Giacomini (STMicroelectronics, Italy), E. M. Donzè, D. F. Restivo, “A Self-Calibrating SAR ADC for Automotive Microcontrollers
  • P. D'Abramo (ams, Austria), A. Maccioni, G. Pasetti, F. Tinfena, “Advanced Sensor Solutions for Automotive Applications
  • P. Malcovati (University of Pavia, Italy), M. De Matteis, A. Pezzotta, M. Grassi, M. Croce, M. Sabatini, A. Baschirotto, “A Low-Power Continuous-Time Accelerometer Front-End

April, 28th, 2016

Power Management
Chairman: Pieter Harpe (TU Eindhoven)

  • R. Karadi (NXP Semiconductors, The Netherlands), G. Villar Piqué, H. J. Bergveld, “Switched-Capacitor Power Converter Topology Overview and Performance Comparison
  • J. Stauth (Dartmouth College, USA), C. Schaef, K. Kesarwani, “Resonant and Multimode Switched-Capacitor Converters for High-Density Power Delivery
  • B. Allard (INSA Lyon, France), F. Neveu, C. Martin, “Heterogeneous Integration of High-Switching Frequency Inductive DC/DC Converters
  • M. Motz (Infineon, Austria), U. Ausserlechner, “Electrical Compensation of Mechanical Stress Drift in Precision Analog Circuits
  • S. Dietrich (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), S. Heinen, “Power Electronics for LED Based General Illumination
  • S. Stanzione (Holst Centre/imec, The Netherlands), C. van Liempd, C. van Hoof, “An Ultra-Low-Power Electrostatic Energy Harvester Interface

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