General Information

General Information

The aim of the Workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design (AACD) is to bring together a large group of people working at the frontiers of analog circuit design, to study and discuss possibilities and future developments.

The workshop lasts three days and runs yearly since 1992, covering every year covers three specific topics in the field on analog design (one topic per day). The latest editions were held in:

  • Neuchatel, Switzerland in 2015 (Efficient Sensor Interfaces, Advanced Amplifiers, Low Power RF Systems).
  • Lisbon, Portugal in 2014 (Topics: High-Performance AD and DA Converters, IC Design in Scaled Technologies, Time-Domain Signal Processing).
  • Grenoble, France in 2013 (Topics: Frequency References, Power Management for SoC, Smart Wireless Interfaces).
  • Valkenburg, The Netherlands in 2012 (Topics: Nyquist A/D Converters, Capacitive Sensor Interfaces, Beyond Analog Circuit Design).
  • Leuven, Belgium in 2011 (Topics: Low Voltage Low Power Data Converters, Short Range Wireless Front-Ends, Power Management and DC-DC).
  • Graz, Austria in 2010 (Topics: Robust Design, Sigma-Delta Converters, RFID).
  • Lund, Sweden in 2009 (Topics: Smart Data Converters, Filters on Chip, Multimode Transmitters).
  • Pavia, Italy in 2008 (Topics: High-Speed Clock and Data Recovery, High-Performance Amplifiers, Power Management).

This year the 25th edition of the AACD workshop will take place in Villach, Austria, from April 26th to April 28th, 2016 and will cover the following topics:

  • Contnuous-Time ΣΔ Modulators for Transceivers
    Chairman: Kofi Makinwa
  • Automotive Electronics
    Chairman: Andrea Baschirotto
  • Power Management
    Chairman: Pieter Harpe

Villach is the 7th-largest city in Austria, the 2nd-largest in the federal state of Carinthia. It is an important traffic junction for southern Austria and the whole Alpe-Adria region.

According to recent economic research, Villach is one of the most dynamic growth areas within the entire EU. Villach has earned itself a high ranking in terms of both economic growth and population growth in both Austria and the EU as a whole thanks to an above-average productivity level, the quality of the available manpower, the high technological standard of the resident enterprises and an innovative economic structure.

Villach has been able to establish itself as a center for microelectronics and electronics and as a high-tech hub in the Alpe-Adria region thanks, among other things, to its [micro]electonic cluster. Attracting companies and research centers active in the areas of microelectronics and microsystems, geomatics, telecommunications and information technology is a prime goal.

Therefore, Villach represents the perfect framework for a cutting-edge workshop, such as AACD.


Cultural Association “Microelectronics Events”

Microelectronics Events is an Italian Cultural Association that is active in the organization of scientific events, with particular attention the electronics and microelectronics field. In the last years Microelectronics Events has successfully organized PRIME2006, AACD2008, AISEM2009, PRIME2013, AACD2013, ICICDT2013, most of them in collaboration with the Italian Chapter of the IEEE Sold-State Circuit Society. Moreover, in collaboration with the IEEE SSCS Italian Chapter, Microelectronics Events uses to organize the Topics on Microelectronics (ToM) course co-organized by the Microelectronics Ph. D. School at University of Pavia (Italy). More than 1500 attendees have participated to the above events.


Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a legally independent subsidiary, 100% owned by Infineon Technologies AG in Germany. It is one of the globally acting manufacturing and research & development centers of Infineon Technologies AG. The headquarters of the Infineon Technologies Austria AG is located in Villach and currently employs around 2600 persons. The manufacturing facility acts as center of competence for manufacturing of power semiconductor discrete and integrated products. Around 700 engineers and researchers in Villach as well as in its subsidiaries in Graz, Linz and Vienna develop semiconductor products for the facility in Villach, as well as for all other manufacturing locations of the enterprise. Infineon Technologies Austria AG acts as a center of competence with profound system, development, engineering, and manufacturing intellectual property for the following business lines: Automotive, Industrial & Multimarket, Wireless Products/Sensors, Security and Chip Card IC.