Technical Program

Technical Program

April, 16th, 2013

Frequency References
Chairman: Kofi Makinwa (TU Delft)

  • A. Ahmed (Si-Ware), “A monolithic CMOS self-compensated LC oscillator across temperature”
  • J. van Beek (NXP), “A piezo-resistive MEMS-based frequency synthesizer”
  • A. Partridge (SiTIme), “A MEMS TCXO with sub-ppm stability”
  • E. Chataigner, S. Dedieu (ST-Ericsson), “Dual-core frequency reference for mobile applications in 65nm CMOS”
  • Augusto Tazzoli, Gianluca Piazza (Carnegie Mellon University), “UHF oscillators based on ovenized AlN MEMS resonators”
  • D. Ruffieux (CSEM), “Towards miniature chip-scale atomic clocks”

April, 17th, 2013

Power Management for SoC
Chairman: Andrea Baschirotto (University of Milano-Bicocca)

  • M. Steyaert, H. Meyvaert, P. Callemeyn (KU-Leuven), “From AC to DC and reverse, the next fully integrated power management challenge”
  • E. Alon (UC Berkeley), “Fully integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC conversion“
  • F. Rezzi, L. Collamati, M. Costagliola, M. Cutrupi (Marvell), “Battery management for mobile devices”
  • S. Cliquennois, A. Nagari (ST-Ericsson), “Is digital SMPS ready to eliminate analog regulators in portable applications?”
  • J. Ackerman (Broadcom), “A 2.2A, 4MHz switch-mode battery charger for a cellular power management unit”
  • D. Flynn, (ARM), “Advanced power gating and state retention to SoC leakage power reduction”

April, 18th, 2013

Smart Wireless Interfaces
Chairman: Pieter Harpe (Eindhoven University of Technology)

  • R. Castello (University of Pavia), A. Liscidini (University of Toronto), “Unconventional receiver architectures”
  • E. Janssen (TU/e), “Smart self-interference suppression by exploiting a non-linearity”
  • C. Enz (EPFL and CSEM), “The design of ultra-low-power MEMS-based radio for WSN and WBAN”
  • A. M. Niknejad (UC Berkeley), “mm-wave silicon: smarter, faster, and cheaper communication and imaging”
  • D. Neirynck (Decawave), “An 802.15.4a UWB transceiver for RTLS and WSN”
  • M. Ingels (imec), “Architectures for digital intensive transmitters in nanoscale CMOS”